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02-25-2011, 05:58 PM #3: Kean. System X Glass coating protects your windshield, windscreen, windows, mirrors, glass headlamps, and other glass surfaces from micro scratches while multiplying the surfaces hydrophobic properties for two full years. Long story short, if you want better protection with outstanding durability and a smooth and seamless finish, Zurich Shield is the best choice you can make. There is a FINE PRINT on Para 5. top section saying " PURCHASE OF THIS. As members of the business community, we adhere to a code of ethics and our pledge to you of honesty, integrity, safety, and craftsmanship. We are sorry to hear about ************************** frustration however, the damage reported for his paint claim are not covered. Might work OK, but I'd still wash and clay at a minimum before applying the sealant. Yeah. valleys to catch road debris, distort vision, and create glare. Representing a revolutionary advance in paint-protection, our popular System X Pro Ceramic Coating is an imparts a durable, color enhancing gloss which protects exterior surfaces including paint, metal, exhaust, stainless steel, and wheels. Eagan, MN. Unfortunately the damage reported is not a covered item under the product warranty Mr. ****** purchased. After scrolling through all the complaints and seeing the similar complaints that Im having. If you don't feel like doing all that, just wash it and use the Graphene DS to maintain it. . 9 complaints closed in the last 12 months. Don't wash your vehicle in direct sunlight or while the paint is hot. On 9/23 the representative remained me that the damage is not covered based on the estimate and photos because they believed it to be a 'Harsh Chemical fall out' (sic). Your previous content has been restored. Keeping your windshield clean of dirt, bird droppings, sap, or other chemicals can help maximize the life of your ExoShield. We look forward to serving the Hawks in the future should they have damages listed under section I of the Terms and Conditions. (3) Kia ********** only provided e-docs and e-signature. Anorak, Jan 9, 2015 #4. Regards,*********************. Most of us spend hours in our vehicle commuting to work or shuffling kids to activities. In winter, avoid using a metal or rough plastic ice scraper as this may cause unwanted scratching. Also, the shimmering finish gives you a showroom-quality vibe. 0000005868 00000 n Auto Services in Schertz, TX. Hi all, I purchased the Zurich shield paint protection when I picked up the car but didn't schedule it yet. 2. The result? Phone: 800-987-3373 Email: USZ_CareCenter@Zurichna.com Fax: 877-962-2567 Mail: Zurich Customer Care Center PO Box 968017 Schaumburg, IL 60196 . BBB is here to help. I contacted Zurich about getting a refund for the purchase cost of the warranty (pro-rated, of course) and they told me it is not a returnable product. LONG-LASTING BEAUTY WITH MINIMAL MAINTENANCE. Feb 2014 - Jun 20173 years 5 months. If they want to look at the repairs they can come see it, but it is not in the condition it was when they were supposed to warranty the paint. Paint protection film can last for several years with proper care and can be reapplied as needed. Amen. Per "The Analysis . We look forward to serving you should you have a covered claim in the future. Superior Product: Independent lab tests, utilizing ASTM B117 standards, confirm that Zurich Shield's paint sealant has the best corrosion-resistant formula among the leading national brands. The application process is quicker and easier than that of Zurich Shield. Your Zurich Shield Warranty Registration Number and Your Vehicle Serial Number - 4: Date When Damage Was Noticed: 5: Description of the Cause and Location of Each Damage 6: Description of Your Attempts to Remedy the Damage: Mail your claim to: Zurich Shield share. It is a scam. Please consult Zurich Shield Environmental Protection contract for detailed terms and conditions. Zurich [email protected] is a registered trademark Never used!! We would be happy to review additional photos for further consideration as the one we have shows the stitching intact. zurich shield care instructions. Vehicle Protection products | Zurich Insurance Vehicle Protection products Home Industries Automotive Vehicle Owners Vehicle Protection products See how our vehicle protection products can help you. As it has a limited warranty with a renewable option, you can expect Zurich Shield to last for long-lasting periods. But if you are a pro-skill home detailer, the Nasiol ZR53 Nano Ceramic Coating Kit is the best for your job. ZurichShieldsealants meet the current Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) standards that are set by the California Air Resource Board. Although both protections have ups and downs, they can add significant resale value to your vehicle while protecting your car from damage. You cannot paste images directly. Fenix Vs. Streamlight (2023): Which Flashlight Is Right For You? Rather than focusing on the number of complaints, BBB considers how frequently and effectively those complaints are resolved. Our unique eco-friendly formula is safe and provides lasting exterior protection from harmful UV rays, bird waste, tree sap, road salts, and other environmental damage. Our Diamond Ceramic Coating is our premier product and our best recommendation for customers that want the Glossiest look and ultimate protection. We are sorry to hear ************ is disappointed. We all purchased this protection plan as a safety net. Detailing Kit: Complete with our car shampoo, Quick-Shine polish, gel wax, and two microfiber towels, our automotive detailing kit is the perfect combination of car care products! While ExoShield is formulated to include our state-of-the-art scratch resistant hardcoat, dirty wiper blades may accelerate the wear of the film over time.Make sure to regularly clean wipers with a damp cloth to remove dirt or debris from the wipers.. If I see this term on the Registration Form (page 1), I would not sign. The Finance guy works mainly on commission, and would sell you a bridge in New York if he thought a customer would buy it. All with a single professional coating product. Zurich Shieldis a registered trademark of Zurich Insurance Company LTD and is being used with permission. Shouldn't be any issues. Never heard of it and it's likely a jobber piece. Here's how that works. All that activity can lead to a mess. At that time, I was told by ******************************************* that I would be contacted by a mobile tech who would come to my location to make repairs and inspect the damage. Hello all, I just wanted to start a quick thread to give my opinion on a product sold to me by my ford dealer. Do you know why the Marvel Mystery Oil was developed? You may see some distortion initially. Most sealants last from four weeks to five months, depending on the sealant quality. Note that complaint text that is displayed might not represent all complaints filed with BBB. All rights reserved. 0000028758 00000 n Dealer put it on my CRV at no cost to me (so they say). If you already have a Zurich extended warranty, regardless of the exact protection plan, submitting claims for repair costs is straightforward: Take your vehicle to any licensed repair facility. For Health policies: Request for Changes To Individual Health Policies (Singlife Shield/ Singlife Health Plus) For Zurich Plans: For monthly frequency, only GIRO payment mode is applicable. System X products are specifically formulated to enable application on virtually all dirt- and corrosion-prone surfaces of your car. Complaint: 17654144I am rejecting this response because: (1) Kia ********** forced to sell this product to us. Does anyone have experience with this product? Moreover, as it can be used in both the interior and exterior of the vehicle, its a more complicated process. In California and New York, UUSC operates under its d/b/a UUSC Service Company (CA License #0C17302). armed forces vacation club for veterans 082 825 4557; welsh keith brymer jones wife zapperstore.xyz@gmail.com What is happening is wrong. Only after getting the BBB involved did they reach out to see what they could do. Zurich Shield Claim Submission. BUT if it were me, I'd clay it, polish it, and then just use the Graphene Spray Ceramic Coating (if you don't care about the Zurich warranty) or just use the Ceramic Wax instead and Graphene DS to maintain. On 9/20 I reached out to find out the status of the claim. Most dealership "sealants" are a warranty. This did not work so Zurich sent another company out to take additional pictures of the car. It is unfortunatethat the damage reported in September of 2021 on his 2017 Chevrolet Bolt is not covered under the Zurich Shield product warranty purchased in April of 2018. Moreover, it can save your car from harsh conditions like exposure to pollution and other damaging components. Posts: 292 Problems with Zurich Paint Shield -----When I bought my Red Rock Metallic 1LT/RS a month ago I was given a pretty hard sell on purchasing the Zurich Paint Shield. Unfortunately, the product and subsequent warranty purchased does not cover replacement of ****************. There is loose stitching, but they refused to fix it. 0000033390 00000 n Dealer put it on my CRV at no cost to me (so they say). From the little reading I've done on Zurich shield. Zurich Shield is a clear plastic sheet that is applied to the surface of your vehicle. Yeah figures as much. The manufacturer made this product to prevent airplane engines from polluting sparkplugs during taxi. 0000003826 00000 n Likes: 0. best. It not only protects your car exterior from rough conditions but also provides glossy showroom-level finishes on the surface. It's an additional revenue source for them with very little overhead. My service advisor and a detailer have told me that the damage to the paint on the roof was caused by the sun baking the clear coat, which I consider environmental damage which is what the extra coverage was purchased for. The repairs have been made and there is nothing left for them to inspect. Once the diagnosis is complete, have your repair facility call to. Thats why owners and collectors of the finest vintage and exotic automobiles worldwide choose System X Automotive Ceramic Protection. Certain restrictions and exclusions apply, and coverages may differ in certain states. You can receive reimbursement for rental car expenses while your vehicle is being treated for a covered repair.- Renewable: Keep your vehicle looking great for years. Thread starter #1 I found out my car came with an interior and exterior Zurich Shield protection. Please help us. Well, i myself already knew the coating was going to be a scam. I purchased the car for $28,000. zurich shield care instructions. 0000028758 00000 n Dealer put it on my CRV at no cost to me (so they say). My dealer doesn't use this program any longer, and Zurich Shield is no help. The ceramic coating hardens and forms a protective layer on the vehicles surface, providing a barrier against environmental elements to reduce damage. TS - I think you are correct on the WO - That is why I was planning to put Opti-Seal on it in a few days. Clear editor. Its vehicle service. Protection for the road ahead We are sorry about the frustration. IfZurichShieldfails to perform, Automotive Protective Systems will remedy the damaged portion of the treated surface of the vehicle. 303 Fabric Guard Application Instructions Strengthens and restores water repellency to outdoor fabrics. Welcome to the North American Subaru Impreza Owners Club: Monday January 30, 2023: Home: Forums: Images: WikiNASIOC . Benefits of Zurich Shield Premier Plus. The short answer is it's applied directly to the color. Then Zurich said they would like to try a wet sand on my car. So, if you are willing to have a fantastic enhanced appearance, now you know what to choose. We look forward to serving **************** should he have damages covered under the product and subsequent warranty he purchased for his vehicle on 10/6/2021. Primary work focused in BCBSMN's special programs for state employees and the Medicare/Medicare . A list of the covered items under this product warranty can be located in Section I "Scope of the Limited Warranty". JavaScript is disabled. We are pending photo's of the water staining and look forward to working with ********************** should he have covered damages. As a matter of policy, BBB does not endorse any product, service or business. Check . On the other hand, ceramic coatings can be applied by a professional or a DIY enthusiast. Member#: 25187 . These coatings are ideal for those who want to protect their vehicle from the sun and other environmental factors that can cause damage over time. In California and New York, UUSC operates under its d/b/a UUSC Service Company (CA License #0C17302). This website gives a general overview of Zurich Shield Environmental Protection, available through Universal Underwriters Service Corporation (UUSC), an individual member company of Zurich in North America. Has anyone ever bought a used vehicle that had Zurich Shield applied to it? This scam has gone on far too long. As a result, your car always looks fresh as a new one. This is s TRAP to the customer. Zurich Shield Warranty Select Care Plan Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) Road Hazard Tire and Wheel Prepaid Maintenance Environmental Protection Plan Universal Security Guard Premier Dent. I bought their warranty for my car to cover loose stitching, stains, etc. (In Washington, it is a product guarantee.). In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which . Now I have scratches all over on ceramic which as far as I understand is supposed to be a film. Differences Between Ceramic Coating And Clay Bar. Considering all the features and benefits, CarPro CQuartz UK 3.0 Kit is the best ceramic coating overall. This business is all about profit and does not care about the people who purchase their services. It is unfortunatethat we are unableto assist with ************** 9/7/2021 claim. 0000001277 00000 n This thread is archived. In this following article, we will dig deep into the distinctions. It is unfortunate that the reported damages were not covered however, we look forward to serving ************** should he have covered damages in the future. Quite simply, they trust System X to consistently provide unmatched paint protection, hardness and brilliance. In the vehicle's interior, Zurich Shield protects your fabric and vinyl or leather from spills, bodily fluids, and pet stains, and tears less than one inch or punctures less than one-quarter of an inch. Select Care. Like no other product, System X Diamond provides paint protection with previously unachievable levels of gloss, durability and chemical resistance. Material and labor for the dealership $100. In California and New York, UUSC operates under its d/b/a UUSC Service Company (CA License #0C17302). When this occurs you must remove it immediately.Talk to a Certified ExoShield Partner about removing and replacing your ExoShield windshield protection. Zurich Insurance Group was founded in 1872 and is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, as its name suggests. Marvel Mystery Oil Problems And Is It Worth It? See details. Before I signed the form, I didn't get a chance to read though all the following pages, especially on a small cell phone. Unfortunately, scratches are a listed exclusion. This statement supposedly frees ***** from being liable for it under warranty but I had purchased the Zurich shield warranty and I inquired as to whether it would cover it. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. No!! Sorry to hear about your bad experience. There are no members to list at the moment. Finance guys get a good spiff from it but for the consumer its pure trash. Covered items include paint, fabric, vinyl, and leather surfaces of your vehicle that are protected against everyday. pump saver flashing green light, refurbished 5g phones unlocked, top 100 famous dead celebrities,