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Vega banjos were then marketed in the USA by TMC (Targ & Dinner Music Company). I have a vegavox 4 tenor banjo by Martin . Linda- Thanks much for your query and hearing about your three vintage banjos. Per the 1971 Martin price list, the recommended retail price back then was $545 with out case which cost another $68 for the hard shell version. vega banjo identification. Do you know how many tenor V41 banjos were made? Only 101 model PS-5 banjos were made by C.F. John- Thank-you for the detailed photos. What a wealth of information! vega banjo identification. The Life & Times of the Pete Seeger 5-string Folk Banjo - 1958 - 1970. Thanks for your query, Barry. I own a Vega VIP fivestring banjo, with serial number 130056. Thanks for your post and happy pickin`, Barry. If anybody can shed some light on what I have. Vega Banjo Identification Professional Had Black. The Style K was Vega's least expensive banjo-mandolin, not having a "tone ring" installed, unlike the pricier Tu-Ba-Phone and Whyte Laydie models. I also did replace all of the cheapish plastic knobs with ivoroid ones of much better quality. Resale prices for this type of banjo vary widely from a couple of hundred to several thousand dollars depending on unique features. From the BRC, Barry. Martin manufactured 100 Pro-5 banjos including the temporary Bobby Joe Fenster variation. Shop today! Vega Banjo Serial Number Lookup Known Problems with Gretsch's Serial Number System: Due to the various renumbering schemes, there are Gretsch-built Bacons and B&D's with 3 digit, 4 digit and 5 digit serial numbers, which confuses identification of instruments made between 1910 and 1940. Nowadays, the Pro-5 would fetch around $1000-$1500 depending on condition. Hope this helps, and thanks again for your post. Vega Martin manufactured twenty-eight V-41 5 stringers, two V-41 tenors, and only one V-41 plectrum banjo. Fairbanks Banjos - Serial Numbers and Features by year Fairbanks Banjos SERIAL NUMBERS A.C. Fairbanks - Maker ~1875 - 1880 Sporadic numbers have been found written in the wooden hoops of 5 of these earliest Fairbanks banjos. The handsome Professional-5 model with an upgraded tone ring and rim re-appeared in the 1972 Vega/Martin banjo catalogue- but no sign ever again of the short lived BJF-5 stringer. Deering rescued the Vega line by purchasing the brand name in 1989. Ive taken a number of hi-res photostoo many to attach to email. Andreas- Thank you for the historical narrative on your banjo and the detailed photographs. With appreciation, Barry. 1921 Vega Style L Whyte Laydie Mandolin Banjo. Reverb Homepage Contact Support 539673d7daac40d5a6fd870a259b9813 Shop Gear Categories Brands Shops Deals and Steals Price Drops 0% Financing New and Popular Handpicked Collections Sell on Reverb Martin decal photographed on the back of the VIP Vega peg head. I bought my Vega PS-5 S/N 1046 new in, I believe, late summer of 1974 through Miller Music in Lawton, OK. Dog-bone Tubaphone tone ring, Grover milk bottle guitar tuners. I apologize for using this email to reach you, but I have a banjo question I hope you can help me with. Hope this helps and best wishes from the BRC, Barry, Gary- Thanks for your query. Hope this helps and thanks for your post. Your PS-5 Pete Seeger long neck # M-130259 was assembled in Nazareth in early 1971 per Shop Order 2012. The circa 1978 brochure that I sent you confirms that your instrument is a Tu-Ba-Phone Deluxe 5 stringer. Home; Meet Darlene; ISI Mission; What is Coaching? I just acquired a second, SN#990 with the dog-bone tone ring. My suggestion would be to take you banjo down to the local hardware store and cobble together a workable thumb screw (some have collars) and washer combination. The VIP model featured a unique `audio-sonic` bell brass tone ring, a scrolled peg head with ultra filagree pearl work, engraved pearl inlay in the ebony fretboard, a 10 ply maple rim with a heavy notched tension hoop, geared tuners, a walnut finish, and marquetry around the resonator. Barry, Eddie- Thanks for your query and kind comments about the website. C.F. Barry. So heres my question. The banjo is featuring an interesting mix of particulars: The connecting rods are of the (much earlier?) This uniquestyle resonator was verypopular for many years, and it still hasvalue as a vintage part. The banjo shown here (serial number M130316) was the second Ultra Vox V built in 1971, shortly after C.F. Barry- Thanks for your queries and subsequent photos that promt me to revise my initial response. Your VW-5 resonator banjo is not to be confused with its cousin the open back FW-5 model Folk Wonder which retailed for $280. Your other VIP-5 with SN 1766 was assembled from parts sent to Japan in 1977 when the Martin company had its difficult luthier strike. Recently purchased a Vega Vox iv plectrum banjo. Martin also made 1976 model D-76 guitars to partner the banjo. Replacing a broken flange on a rare and vintage instrument is a tough task. Good luck, thanks much for your post, and great to hear from you again, Barry. Martin workshop log book, your V-45-5 serial number 327 banjo was manufactured in Nazareth, PA, in early 1973 per Shop Order 2138. John, John- Thank you much for your kind words about my website and letting my readers share in your joy of procuring a VM Pete Seeger long neck 5-stringer (PS-5). Hopes this helps. Thanks for the great information on this page. Retail price was $1300.00 ; I paid $900.00 . Although mostly a collector`s item these days, the current price range of the V-76 is $2.3-5K. This is a stock neck off a Martin-made tenor from that erathe fingerboardblock inlay is what would be found on only the Vox I or Pro. Martin was winding-down its banjo production, the metal engraving was subcontracted to Liberty Banjos. Martin markings, my impression is that it was put together overseas from left-over Martin parts after the Asian conglomerate Galaxy Trading purchased the Vega brand in 1979. If your Vegaphones and Tubaphone have serial numbers, you can more closely date them by visiting Whitetreeaz banjo serial numbers online. Your Pete Seeger (PS-5) was one of eleven PS-5 long neck banjos made in early 1972 per Shop Order 2098. Your VW-5 resonator banjo is not to be confused with its cousin the open back FW-5 model Folk Wonder which retailed for $280. Dot inlay fret board. Maybe, the R-D prefix stands for Research and Development. Reply from our BRC Vega Vox consultant and scholar Dr. Ron: The timeline, serial number and pricing in 1970-71 seem rightit was probably in final assembly at Nazareth with a #7 new series serial number; the last of the M139400 yellow labels came out of the old Needham Heights Vega factory sometime in November 1971. (#26) Dr. Ron about " Vega Vox V: The Vega Martin Apogee of 4 String Banjos", A Lone (Pre Vega Martin ) Banjo at the Art Museum, https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/14ES67V1VHbMR-GfbQpvWWGD1RUJrtyTv?usp=sharing. Cobra hooks first appear circa 1881 on Fairbanks & Cole banjos. rocket and teresa administrative leave; The circular connecting rod is left over from the Vega inventory and shipped from Boston to Nazareth after C. F. Martin acquired the brand in May of 1970. Remo Frosted Top Banjo Head, 11 Inch Diameter, High Crown (1/2 Inch) $19 USD. The tiny screws adjacent to it are an adaptation by the Vega franchise to afford fine-tuning of the side-to-side alignment of the neck. I ordered. Of note, my Vega Martin VIP-5 banjo built in 1975 also came with a `Care of Your Banjo` memo dated 8/26/71 and a warranty that instructed the owner to call 215-759-2837 and ask for Mike (probably Mike Longworth who was C.F. Fender Standard Banjo Hardshell Case Black ,, kemenpppa.go.id 4kjzing@8x47evey1 Thanks to BRC Consultant and Vega Vox scholar Dr. Ron from everyone at the BRC for providing representative images typical of this historic crowning jewel (see below correspondences #24). Fingerboard engraved pearl inlays in the ebony were going through a transition (modernization) as well, from very elaborate designs that they used since the 1920s to to simplified block styles. The Pro-5 model had an improved bell brass tone ring (alas, not silver) with exclusively designed audio apertures, a thick 10 ply wood rim, a double-tension neck rod, a notched brass tension hoop, nickel plated parts, a mahogany shaded finish, and white binding. Inside your device. The Vega serial number files still available do not specify the specific models of banjo manufactured in Massachusetts. Every Martin Vega I have seen has a more dark brown mahogany-colored stain. It has the original hardshell case also with no markings. New and used generic flanges can be found on eBay, but getting one to fit your pot outer diameter and bracket hook sequence is tricky. Your tenor 4-stringer was built in early 1972 per Shop Order 2051. Reply from our BRC consultant and Vega Vox scholar Dr. Ron: Looks like something that might have put together from parts, either insideor outside the factoryI suspect the latter as there have been lots of Voxchop shop conversions going back in time (even to the 1920s). Many thanks for your efforts. My other theory is that the pot, which bears a C.F. Your instrument SN 999 was one of five VIP-5 (Very Important Player) banjos was made in Nazareth, PA, in mid 1974 per Shop Order # 2212. Your site is a great resource for these instruments by the way. Barry. After a loooong wait I finally got it in 1971 . Identification: "A" Style mandolins were symmetrical and shaped like a teardrop. Of note, banjo SN 136 manufactured in 1972 was a Vega Vox I plectrum and not a 5-stringer like yours. ). Martin built only 31 of the V-41 instruments: 28 of the V-41-5 model like yours, 1 plectrum and 2 tenor 4-stringers. With hard case. It was recommended by Bob Smakula that I send some photos to you and that you might have more information. I orderedit in 1970 through a music store in Norwich , Ct run by Cliff Tidd . - ORDERS OVER $199 SHIPPED TO THE CONTINENTAL U.S. Add to cart SKU: 2959 Categories: 5-String Openback Banjos, Banjos, Vega Description Additional information Reviews (1) Shipping, Returns & Exchanges About this Banjo Deering owns the Vega brand name nowadays, and its T-2 lists for $4149. The Wonder series of instruments featured a metal tone ring, white fingerboard binding, a heavy notched tension hoop, a 10 ply rim, a 3 piece maple neck, a blackwood fingerboard, pearl dots, an armrest, and a factory-installed resonator with four section metal tone flanges. Martin made 101 of the PS-5 instruments which listed for $488 without case in the final V/M price list in 1971. The long-neck No. Vega Martin banjo SN 324 was manufactured in Nazareth, PA, in early 1973. By my count, twelve VV IV-tenor banjos were built in Nazareth with the last one, #1678, in 1976. Reply from our BRC consultant and Vega Vox scholarDr. Ron: The Vega Vox IV was the top of the line banjo in the Vox (deep resonator) line for Vega Co. of Boston in the 1950sthe serial number is consistent with a 1951 model. The Wonder was an entry level resonator instrument that featured a metal tone ring, white fingerboard binding, a notched tension hoop, a 10 ply rim, 3 piece maple neck, blackwood fretboard, pearl dots, nickel-pate parts and a shaded mahogany finish. . It was one of the last batch of fourteen Wonder 5-stringers made in the USA before C.F. Where is the serial number on a Vega banjo? Because so few Pro-5`s were manufactured in Nazareth, it is difficult to gauge the worth of your banjo these days. Rob- Thank you for the below photos. Thank you for all the information. The rich heritage of Vega was derelict for 5 years until Deering rescued it by acquiring rights to the brand name in 1989. 2 Tu-Ba-Phone XL is seen in the 1976 catalogue. The description of your banjo serial number 916 is curious, and I will offer my theory about the instrument per the information given. It`s a sweet long neck, and I wish I had one. Galaxy marketed its 4 and 5 stringers in the USA via a remarkably unimaginative TMC catalog in which each banjo was identified only with an Item number but no model moniker to give it personality like the Pro-5 or Wonder banjos named by the earlier corporate owners. vega banjo identification. Save on our most popular Goodtime banjos - the Goodtime openback and the Goodtime Two - at your favorite Deering dealer today! Martin Vega Banjo 5-Strings, Medium Gauge (V740) Check Price at Amazon. Your 5-stringer was one of seven V-76E instruments manufactured per Shop Order 2310, and the `E` designation indicates that these seven banjos were made for employees. SF bay area > east bay > for sale > musical instruments - by owner. Rochester NY 14610. Further investigation related to your comments in the abovefirst paragraph might shed some light on the wood tone finish differences. The Wonder-5 retailed for $345 without case per the CFM 1971 price list. Thanks so much Ill get back to you if any further questions. it in 1970 through a music store in Norwich , Ct run by Cliff Tidd . Save This Search Your search returned 20 results View Sold and Expired Ads Matching Your Search From the BRC, Barry. All the best pickin`, and thanks for your kind words about my website. Is it possible to tell me what model or style and year it was built also the value? There are different types of banjos and plenty of new terminology for parts of banjos and playing styles. It is the first martin-vega I have ever seen in person, or had in my hands! The Pro-5 does not appear in the 1976 Vega Martin catalogue. Over a period of several years, the Vega line morphed into a uniquely featured Vega Martin instrument. $42 USD. Again, thanks for your post. But with original Whyte Laydie banjo rims being in demand for converting to 5-string instruments, this one is an ideal candidate. Remo Frosted Top Banjo Head, 11 Inch Diameter, Medium Crown (7/16 Inch) $19 USD. model serial number 1990. The distinct disadvantage to having a rare banjo is finding replacement parts. what I know about banjos right now I learned from you!! C.F. The Vega brand was subsequently sold overseas in 1979. Thank You The Banjo Rehabilitation Center archives contain the serial numbers and dates of manufacture of the Vega-Martin banjos made in Nazareth, PA, during the 1970`s. To generally confirm that your banjo is a Nazareth built instrument, check for a C.F. It did not have a tone ring or simply a steel ring like the Wonder, to keep the cost down. This 5-stringer was manufactured circa 1845 in Baltimore, MD, by luthier William Boucher, Jr.. Tuned 1-1/2 steps lower than a standard 5-string banjo, the Maple Mountain Series MM-150LN is set up for the best singing keys. The F-VIP is first mentioned briefly on a front page of the 1970 Vega Martin catalogue, and it retailed for $490 in the VM price list of 1971. Martin- Thank you for your query and very useful photos. port melbourne players; fair lawn high school graduation; vega banjo identification; By . How much would it be worth? In that same period, twenty-one VV IV plectrums were manufactured. Cited in the Vega price list of 1971, the last one VM published, the retail price tag was $488 without case. In my files, the PS-5 is seen in a Vega (Boston) flyer in 1961 where it lists for $309. Hope this helps and thanks for your post. It has dual rods running through the pot and it has the tubaphone tone ring. The first two digits tell you the month the banjo was built, the last two digits before the dash or space will tell you the year, and the numbers in between are considered the number of that model we have made since we started the formal serial number system in 1987. Vega Martin long neck PS-5 banjo SN 80 is one of eleven Pete Seeger 5-stringers manufactured in Nazareth, PA, in mid 1972 per Shop Order 2098. Martin did not publish retail prices after 1971, so my guess is that this up scale model sold back then for around $600. brian kim, cpa clearvalue tax net worth . The PS-5 is advertised in the 1970 and 1972 Vega/Martin catalogues but is absent from the 1976 catalogue where the No. It looks to have some pretty fancy inlays along the fretboard and some nice detail & trim around the wooden drum. Bill Keith Stainless Steel D-Tuners, for 2nd & 3rd strings. The back of the headstock is blank. C.F. Barry. Specs are equal to the popular Gold Tone MM-150 with the addition of three extra frets allowing the banjo to tune to EBEG#B. The banjo features a rim and resonator rosewood veneered with white binding, The tone ring was brass, and there was abalone pearl around the back edge of the resonator. C.F. I inherited a Vega 5-string resonator banjo and have been trying to find out additional information about it. Martin purchased the Vega brand in May in 1970 and just before the factory was transferred to Pennsylvania. built in 1971, my long neck looks like it was built yesterday and all I added was a geared 5th string pegstuck it in an American Vintage case and screwed a CF Martin brass medallion to the side. The finish was shaded mahogany, and the metal rim parts were nickel plated. Yes, the VVI banjos have the same inlay pattern as the VM Pro (Professional) 5 string model. Hope this helps and thanks again for your post and e-mails, Barry, Lynne- Thanks for your query. In good condition, the range today is $4000-6000 ($4500-5000 is more reasonable); rare that a tenor would sell at high end, as that market is very soft now and more vintage IV tenors from 1930-50s are pursued and better value (those with dowel sticks tend to be more highly sought after today in the tenor crowd). Hello, I just stumbled onto this site today 4/16/20. So there are gaps at the high end of each thousand series -- since Fairbanks In general, the Boston made Pete Seeger long neck banjos seem to command a greater collectors` interest than the ones manufactured in Pennsylvania. According to the C.F. vega banjo identification. Thanks for letting us see this fascinating and unique instrument. In the final Martin price listed published in 1971, it listed for $345 without case. He could always check the stamp on the bottomthe tone ring to see if its a match to the rim (it should say V916). Maybe, another observant reader will offer a discerning observation for us sometime. If in poor condition, Ive seen them sell as low as $3000-4000. Galaxy apparently went bankrupt around 1984 and vanished from the financial scene. Hopes this helps and thanks again for the detailed pictures. Martin in Nazareth, PA. P.S. It is a beauty. Best wishes for happy pickin`, Barry, I have an Vega 5-string banjo, open back, bought around 1965. Lastly, the banjo could be cleaned-up and refitted at a local music shop, or referred by the shop to a nearby luthier for repairs; and you would have a workable starter banjo for taking some exploratory music lessons. Is 887 also a Pro5? Martin historian Mike Longworth. 6. very carefully, I did and its four digits # 1450. it looks very good to me as far as the condition, its just old and kind of dirty. Another side note, Greg Deering has made two prototype Voxes alreadyI have played one of them, which is basically an identical design to the 1967 Vox I with a paddle peghead and crown inlays. Martin did not develop or cultivate such a banjo line, a dozen such BJF-5 entries are recorded in their shop files from 1971-1972. Today I purchase Vega PS-5, serial number M-130259. Eddie- Thanks for your query and kind comments about the website. Although the Martin Company did not manufacture Vega banjos till a century later, a solitary banjo from the mid 19th century is appended to the exhibit to display parallel innovation in the instrument because of its increasing popularity during that era. My estimate is that your vintage instrument is worth $1500-1700. Aside a changed bridge it remained un-modified and rarely played until about two years ago, as by the time I had bought it, I more and more began concentrating on the guitar. Its a Vega VIP with the Martin Co. logo on the back of the peg head. The V-41 was available by special order only, and it listed back then for $850. The tone ring really had me confused! While published accounts indicate that only 18 plectrums and 3 tenors were made in this series, Martin company officials have shared information from current records that one-third were simply shop orders that were never actually completed in the post-strike period. senior living sun prairie, wi; blueberry sweet rolls joanna gaines; miguel cardona family; shooting in newport beach last night; st albans swim club drowning; where was the 3 godfathers filmed; southwest chicken bake; Eric- Thanks for your kind comments about the website and prompt photos. The resonator was hand-painted, and fancy engraved pearl inlays adorned the ebony fingerboard. On the neck, there usually should be a pencil written serial number at theheel where it meets the rim (at least all my Martins have one there). Evidently, there was a marketing strategy to partner the 5-string V-41 instrument with Martin`s popular D-41 guitar, but this ploy did not come to fruition. wyoming seminary athletic scholarship; Tags . It may have been removed some time before I got it. In general, the Boston made Pete Seeger long neck banjos seem to command a greater collectors` interest than the ones manufactured in Pennsylvania. Thanks for your post. Your 5 stringer is cited only as Item VDX75C in the 1979 TMC catalog where to retailed for $475. The information looks just finethere were yet a number of the Mxxxxxx series banjos still made in the Needham Heights factory outside Boston. JC One of the best known Kay electric guitars during the 1950s was the K-161 "Thin Twin", most visibly used by blues artist Jimmy Reed. Joshua- Send me some detailed photos of your banjo inside and out. Jim _Thanks for your query. Martin Vega banjo #892 should be a long neck open back Folklore Model manufactured in the latter half of 1973 per shop order 2198. The new longneck was design to match the original neck in style and looks while also using some of Vega's Pete Seeger model as influence. It is mentioned again on a back page of the 1972 catalogue. Just bought a martin-vega banjo from an old man in North Carolina. It is veryinteresting that it has the non-ebonized finish on the peghead cap, whichcoincided with the move production to Nazareth (adopting stained rosewood asthey used on the guitars). Joshua, Joshua-Thank you for your kind comments and the very detailed pictures. I have 3 Vega banjos , 1963 Earl Scruggs model A 10921(Scruggs ST-5, handwritten in red ink under that on yellow label) which I played for 23 years, she has a very mellow sound. I then discovered my Vega VIP Martin 1972 model #1766, a beautiful banjo which I have played for the past 12 years. The highly ornate Vega Vox IV banjo with serial number #1969 was the final officially documented banjo manufactured by C. F. Martin in Nazareth, PA. , circa 1978-79. Not a fancy top-line model, but still built with the typical extremely high quality components and a simple but . The tone ring holes are grouped in sets of three rather than equally spaced as on a tubaphone ring. Q: At what point did Vega go from ball end to open end bracket nuts? On PLICSCOM menu under 'Information'. Your F-VIP (Folk-Very Important Player) banjo #1456 was manufactured in Nazareth, PA, in mid 1975 in a lot of 3 such instruments per Shop Order 2274. Although a mystery to me, this top of the line resonator banjo was introduced by C.F. I know this is a Vega Martin site, however maybe you can help me or know of someone who can provide me with more information about my dads Vega banjo.It is a 1951 Vega vox iv plectrum with with s/n 98786.What does the iv mean? Martin manufactured 561 VW-5 banjos but only 124 FW-5 instruments. Im mostly a guitar player. The hardware on the V-41 is chrome-plated, so maybe a nearby metal shop could patch it for you or at least identify the alloy. It is indeed a sweet banjo with plenty of talk in it. Please take detailed photos of your banjo inside and outside. It appears to be serial number 231 (engraved). It listed for $1310 in the 1971 VM price brochure and a carved heel was extra. I do not know anything about banjos but the label inside the rim says VEGA of Boston. The Vega franchise was sold overseas in 1979 but reacquired in the US by Deering in 1989. Note below the C.F. Martin purchased the Vega brand in May of 1970, the Martin factory in Nazareth, PA, began to re-tool for banjo production. Congratulations on having two vintage VM banjos, and your gracious comments about the Info site are much appreciated. What is a spectrum banjo? Barry. Thanks from all of us! I cant find that picture, but Ill see if I can locate it, as someone else may have sent it to me playing the banjo out at afestival in Arizona. The Martin Co. sold the Vega franchise to the Asian conglomerate `Galaxy Trading Company` in 1979, and thereafter Vega banjos were manufactured in South Korea. Hello, Most likely, your banjo has a paddle peghead still with Kluson tuners, block MOP engraved fingerboard inlays, and an updated resonator design with black bindings and a fleur-de-lis added under the engraved star De-Luxe Vegavox on the back (brand new on the 1963-model). Any ideas on contacts for such a beast? Close study of the flange can sometimes reveal, however, that it is left-over Vega hardware from the Needham Heights factory. Like my dad, I am a musician and physician and treasure his professional and avocational memorabilia. Barry, Samantha Thanks for the extensive and helpful photos of your above banjo. Martin acquired Vega. After 20 years, the wear and tear on a refinished instrument may reduce the value further. He is credited with being one of the first banjo-builders to install side brackets with hooks to adjust the tension of the head. Bill- Thanks for your query. The melody banjo was the equivalent of a 4 string mandolin banjo. Its always inspiring to see someone so dedicated to their craft! 2 classic model. From the BRC site this banjo was made circa 1975-1976 in and around Nazareth PA. Do I have the have the provenance correct? In recent years, Deeringrecreated andmarkets its ownVega Professional 4-stringer model with a classic wooden pie sectioned resonator. Other Banjo-Related Topics Collector's Corner ARCHIVED TOPIC: Vega banjo identification Please note this is an archived topic, so it is locked and unable to be replied to. It is a Vega Martin model VW-5 called a Vega Wonder and sometimes referred to as the Wonder-5. I dont play any instrument right now. 26" Scale Length Serial: #21601 Condition: Excellent Case: gig bag Price: $Reduced Price $1395.00 Read More Gatcomb | Lansing Model #325 Index: 10566 Maker: Gatcomb Year: 1890's Notes: S.C.- Thank you for your query to the BRC. Is this generally true, can one instantly recognize a Nazareth vs. Massachusetts by the stain color? The only serial number is 1120. Replyfrom our Vega Vox scholar Dr. RonHi Ernie. The Folk Wonder model does not appear in the 1972 or 1976 Vega Martin catalogues, but its resonator version the `Wonder` model does. In addition to the unusual R-D-136 serial number, the C.F. It was a student model that Eddie convinced long time friend and Vega owner/president to make positioned as a lower cost alternative to the Vox I/Professional IIit was an upgrade over the Little Wonder/Ranger banjos. Martin Vega Banjo Strings Features: Tin-plated steel core is responsive, lively, and resilient Nickel alloy wrap wire is consistently smooth and tonally flexible for a variety of playing styles 4-string tenor gauge is mellow and warm and accents low to midrange frequencies Tech Specs Number of Strings: 4 String Material: Tin-plated Steel Thats when I decided to modify this rather bluegrassy bright (and plenty of loud) sounding Folk banjo a bit. It also features the four digit SN imprinted into the outside of the holes in groups of three tone ring, clearly done before the plating, and visible only when dissembled. I gave alot of money for this, just hoping a made a decent deal. SOLD Vega Earl Scruggs Banjo and Original hard case Price: $695.00 USD a 1969 Earl Scruggs on rim inside :TRB 13746 . ejemplos de hombres perezosos en la biblia; social juventus porto; china eastern trip report; Hello world! Vega Martin models (1970-1979) are less of a collector`s item and fetch about half that price range.